Samaritan Hospital

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November 29, 2022  5:30 p.m.

Members Present:     Keith Maloney, Dan Coons, Jim Simon, and Patricia Knowles (via phone)

Members Absent:      Rusty Neill

Others Present:        Jill Williams, Carli Taylor, Sarah Middleton, Dr. McDowell, Jane Young


  1. Minutes from the previous Meeting
  2. Accounts Payable
  3. Accounts to the Attorney
  4. Quality Assurance
  5. Patient Satisfaction Results
  6. Executive Monthly Report

Discussion was held regarding Blue Cross Anthem contract. We have been trying to renegotiate but they are not willing to give us our cost on implants. Dan moved approval of the consent agenda. Jim Simon seconded and passed unanimously.   


  1. Committee Update Ambulance/Hospital – Last month Jill and Jimmy Maloney, President of the Ambulance District met with 5 members of the Missouri Bureau of Emergency Medical Services via zoom. Sent schedules and mutual aid requests. They did request the same information for December. Two EMT’s have been hired. Still need paramedics. Interviewed two individuals for the director position.
  1. Strategic Planning – No information at this time. Tabled until January meeting.
  1. Other Old Business – None


  1. Financial Report- Carli presented the financials for October. October had a loss of ($19,638) in the month, as compared to prior year net profit of $60,866. Year to Date net income of $424,770 compared to prior year net income of $748,372. Jim made a motion to accept the October Financial report. Dan seconded. Motion passed.
  1. Budget for 2023 – Carli discussed the major changes for the 2023 Budget. There will be a 3% charge master increase. Dan made a motion to approve the 2023 Budget, Patricia seconded. Motion passed.
  1. Board of Trustees Orientation – Jill presented the Board of Trustees with a rough draft of a Board of Trustees Orientation Manual. The Board of Trustees shared some suggestions for the packet. They would like to see the following, List of the departments in the hospital, floor plan, a few medical acrynum definitions and an annual tour. They were pleased with the orientation manual this far.  
  1. Policy & Procedure Review Committee – The policy and procedure review committee information and policies were reviewed. Patricia moved to approve the policies as recommended by the policy and procedure review committee. Dan seconded. Motion passed.   

Patricia left the meeting.

  1. 2022 Employee Service Awards - The list of employees receiving a service award this year was given to the Board of Trustees. The awards will be presented at the Employee Christmas Lunch on December 12th at noon. The Board of Trustees are welcome to attend.  
  1. Employee of the Year Nominees – The list of nominees for the Employee of the Year were available for review. The Employee of the Year will be announced at the December 12th lunch.
  1. Public Participation – None.
  1. Other New Business – The Department of Health came back on Monday morning for their re-inspection visit. Three policies were written and presented to the Board of Trustees for review were due to the re-visit. They noted PPE being reused which was acceptable during Covid and supply shortage but is no longer protocol. The PPE reuse contingency policy was written to address this concern as well as the Isolation Precautions Policy. They also observed a patient tray of a person diagnosed with C-Diff that was not cleaned properly. The warewashing policy was modified to include proper disinfecting procedures. Jim Simon moved to approve the three policies listed above. Dan seconded. Motion passed.

Dan moved to go into executive session RSMo Chapter 610.021 (3) Those present voting in favor, Jim Simon, Keith Maloney, Dan Coons. Motion Carried.

Dan motioned to adjourn the Executive Session, Jim seconded and passed unanimously.

With no further business, Jim motioned to adjourn the regular meeting. Dan seconded and passed unanimously.


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