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Samaritan Wound Healing Center

Designed to provide a comprehensive approach to wound treatment and care. Our staff is committed to providing individualized care. 

Who may benefit from our specialized care

Some of the indications for therapy are:

  • Diabetic Ulcers
  • Neuropathic Ulcers
  • Pressure Ulcers
  • Ischemic Ulcers
  • Venous Insufficiency
  • Traumatic Wounds
  • Surgical Wounds
  • Vasculitis
  • Burns
  • Peristomal Skin Irritations
  • Other Chronic Non-healing Wounds

Comprehensive Therapeutic Techniques

The Wound Healing Center comprehensive approach to wound management utilizes the latest clinical tools and traditional clinical practices including:

  • Specialized Wouxl Dressing
  • Debridement
  • Compression Therapy
  • Prescriptive Growth Factors
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
  • Bio-engineered Skin
  • Edema Management
  • Non-invasive Vascular Assessment

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

During the treatments, you breathe 100 percent oxygen inside a pressurized chamber. This quickly increases the concentration of oxygen in the bloodstream where it is delivered to your wound site for faster healing. Essentially, HBOT therapy helps heal the wound from the inside out. This therapy can help reduce swelling, fight infection, and build new blood vessels, ultimately producing healthy tissue.

If you have a wound that has not healed in four weeks, ask our physician if hyperbaric oxygen therapy would benefit you. 

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